Delaware County Court Report September 25 thru October 7


Anderson, Shane Lee – Possession of Controlled substance, marijuana
Pinkley, Timmy E. – Manufacture of CDS, possession of material with intent to manufacture
Lucas, Zachary Randall – Bail jumping
Mitwalli, Nasser Baker – Cultivation of marijuana after former felony conviction
Gore, Michael Matthew – Cultivation of marijuana
Crawford, Rodney Melvin – Manufacture of controlled dangerous substance after former felony conviction
Brown, Christopher James – Domestic A&B in presence of minor
Brewer, Haley L. – Forgery in the second degree
Fisher, Daymon Wayne – Forgery in the second degree
Cox, Cherish – Maintain place for keeping/selling controlled substance
Cox, Dustin Cain – Maintain place for keeping/selling controlled substance
Raines, Leonard Keith – Assault with intent to commit a felony

Bardsley, Jaimson William – Threatening and harassing telephone/electronic communications
Knowles, Richard Eugene – Threats or harassment by telephone or other electronic communications
Studie, Matthew William – Threatening and harassing telephone and electronic communications
Hanes, Joseph Charles – Threatening to perform an act of violence
Knight, Jerry Lynn – Disturbing the peace
Lincoln, William Dennis – Driving under the influence of alcohol
Rose, Cyrstal Daniel – Driving under suspension
Adams, Damon Cooper – Driving under suspension
Heatley, Stephen Jackson – Domestic A&B in presence of minor
Stahl, Michael J. – Threats or harassment by telephone or other electronic communication
Vickers, Joshua Dane – Driving under the influence of alcohol
Opdyke, Justin Bryce – Public intoxication
Bailey, Ruby – Obtaining merchandise by means of bogus check
Solomon, James M. – Obtaining merchandise by means of bogus check
Haddock, Cory Leon – Petit larceny
Huddleston, Bethany – Embezzlement
Deffenbaugh, Zachary – Driving while suspended/cancelled/revoked
Foreman, Wenona – Driving under the influence of alcohol
Cowart, Gregory – Breaking and enter dwelling without permission
Garner, Brandon Dwayne – Minor possessing beer in public place
Atherton, Melanie Sue – Failure to maintain security
Baker, Hazel Maxine – Failure to maintain security
Sawyer, Herchel E. Jr. – Failure to carry security verification form
Martinez, Raymond Munoz – Operating a motor vehicle without a valid license
Lee, Jonathan Donielle Jr. – Driving while suspended/cancelled/revoked
Dudley, Kyle Stewart – Driving under the influence of alcohol
Garrison, Roger – Reckless driving
Turner, Elisabeth Lavaughn – Driving under the influence of alcohol, aggravated
Andrews, Joseph Biff – Failure to carry security verification form
Buzzard, William Charlie J. – Public intoxication

Civil Suits
Northland Insurance Company v. Matthew Napier – Money judgment over $10,000
NCPO XI LLC v. Nick O. McClure – Money judgment under $10,000
Holly J. Williams v. Craig General Hospital, Oklahoma Employment Security Commision and the Board of Review of the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission – Judicial Review of Decision
Ford Motor Credit Company v. Jennifer Roots – Money judgment over $10,000
Colorado Capital Investments v. Jeffery B. Wade – Money judgment under $10,000
Capital One Bank USA N.A. v. Bryan McKye – Money judgment under $10,000
Asset Acceptance LLC v. Vidal Rodriguez – Money judgment under $10,000
Robert Manning v. Charlotte I. Nichols – Quiet Title
Sandra Bartram v. Steve Reyburn – Money judgment over $10,000
Christopher Aaron Cartwright v. Donald E. Hargis – Money judgment under $10,000
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Douglas Lee Deckard, Spouse if any, John Doe, and Jane Doe – Money judgment over $10,000
Richard Ray Carriger II v. Sam Keaton – Money judgment over $10,000
Baptist Health Care of Oklahoma v. Amy Howe – Money judgment under $10,000
Eastern Savings Bank FSB v. Delmo John Crouch, John Doe, Jane Doe, and Dana Jo Crouch – Foreclosure and money judgment
Jackson Family Lakeview Shop v. Matt Gill – Money judgment over $10,000
Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC v. Madaline Roseann Drumright – Money judgment under $10,000
Grand Savings Bank v. Todd Allen Scott – Money judgment under $10,000
Grand Savings Bank v. Tony N. Armstrong – Money judgment over $10,000
Mark Penner – Quiet Title
Tony Stapleton v. Stephanie Anne Moyer – Grandparental rights
Robert L. Barnett Jr. v. Ida A. Beck, Mary Jane Law, The State of Oklahoma ex rel the Board of County Commissioners, F.E. Strickland, Lillian C. Strickland, Richard Beck, Maude Beck, Maggie M. Bck, Ed A. Beck, Vester Beck, Glenn Baie, Katie Beck Baie, Ellis Standlee, Nettie M. Standlee Beck, Bert Taliaferro, Ona Beck Taliaferro, Luke Duffield, Corintha Duffield, M.M. Gore, Alma Grace Gore, Milton Matthew Gore, Ronald Hill, Christine Hill, Ryan Lawrence, Natalie Lawrence, David Marshall, Leonard Pagano, Dorothy Pagano, Alma Pagano and Bob Willis – Quiet Title
Jan Wallace Belusko v. Etta Jane Wallace, Mary Jane Law, The State of Oklahoma ex rel the Board of County Commissioners, and Kathryn Y. Dowler – Quiet title
First Federal Savings and Loan v. Michael Marcoux – Foreign judgment
Cornerstone Bank v. Joe 5 Lee III, Delaware County Treasurer, Board of County Commissioners and Dirhonda Lee – Foreclosure and money judgment
Cornerstone Bank v. Wayne Hilderbrand, Claudia Budder, and Cindy Hilderbrand – Foreclosure and money judgment

Ashley Kingfisher v. Mickey O. Kingfisher Jr.
Lee Ann Cochran v. Anthony A. Cochran
Steven L. Buck v. Latisha L. Buch
Deborah Lynn Schweikhardt v. Ronnie Leon Schweikhardt
Alex Getz v. Lisa Getz
William Frank Amos v. Jacquie E. Amos
Melissa Smith v. Melvin B. Smith
Zachary R. Heatherly v. Carly Heatherly
Jimmy Leroy West v. Rosa Lee West
Mickey Harrington Jr. v. Amy S. Harrington
Shane McFarland v. Melanie McFarland
Polly Evans v. Paul E. Evans

Marriage Licenses
William Joe Moorhead II and Jennifer Lea Cook
Billy Allen Hicks and Maegan Kayle Kirby
Micahel James Jones and Maggie Nicole Ketcher
Sean Ryan Presley and Nikki Lynn King
Jerry W. Harjo and Rossie Ann Dillard
Arlin J. Partain and Judy Kay Collins
Eric Allen Rutherford and Margaret Elizabeth Mann
Russell Thomas Compton and Sheila Lynn Sylvester
Jeremy Brandon Rogers and Laura Pauline Wynn

Protective Orders
Robin Ann Walker v. Charles A. Fayfitch
Jenna Rae Hopwood v. Tyson Wade Newton
Danielle Liane Smoke v. Michael Lee Smoke
Connie Sue King v. Steve Miller
Connie Sue King v. Mary Zapf
William James Amendolara v. Tonya Joleen Merrill
Tammy Jo Lamberson v. Tonya Joleen Merrill
Bonita Faye Brewer v. Machelle Crawford
America Ann Gehring v. Madalynn Young
Laura Denise Smith v. Preston Nelson Smith

Small Claims
Daniel M. Sitterley v. Robert Remington Denaeyer – Entry and Detainer under $1,500
Midwestern Loans Inc. v. Cheryl Buscher – Money judgment under $1,500
Midwestern Loans Inc. v. Dennis L. Edwards – Money judgment under $1,500
Walter McBride and Beverly Joan McBride v. David Spicer – Money judgment under $1,500
Charles M. Miller and Susan Miller v. Marcelina L. Rivera – Entry and Detainer over $1,500
Worley-Luginbuel Funeral Home Inc. v. Johnnie Maples – Money judgment over $1,500
Dixie Finance v. Lonnie R. Hunter – Money judgment under $1,500
Dixie Finance v. Terry Eugene Dunning – Money judgment under $1,500
Ray Seaton v. Willena Thomlinson – Money judgment under $1,500
Gary Brandon and Debbie Brandon v. Michael Smith and Betty Smith – Money judgment under $1,500

Mitchell, Rachell H. – Speeding 11-15 miles over
Arend, Alexandra L. – Speeding 1-10 miles over
Cameron, Ryan Glay – Failure to wear safety belt
Schultz, Shelly D. – Failure to pay all taxes due state
Lavy, Bonnie S. – Failure to carry security verification form
Wolken, Jessica Anne – Failure to carry security verification form
Smotherman, Sara Denice – Failure to carry security verification form
Fields, Naomomi Jane – Speeding 1-10 miles over
Ross, Haroldine K. – Failure to use child passenger restraint system
Winters, Viola E. – Speeding 1-10 miles over
Fields, Jimmy Edward – Failure to wear safety belt
Gates, Erin Jolynn – Speeding 1-10 miles over
Gower, Robert Shannon – Speeding 36 and over
Kinzey, Michael Wayne – Failure to wear safety belt
Nuding, Jonathan T. – Speeding 16-20 miles over
Curley, Micah Aaron – Speeding 1-10 miles over

Minister Credential
Garcia, Jeremiah

Beverage License
Stogsdill, Charlotte – Special Event
Hanging Cock Saloon – Special Event
Delaware County VFW Post #2592 – License renewal

Clay, Jack W. – Petition for Summary Administration and for Determination for Heirs
Thorpe, Charles R. – Petition for Summary Administration and for Determination of Heirs

Child Support
Steven C. Stewart v. Natalie D. Saggert
Danielle M. Hangartener v. Dustin Lee Oxford
Elaina M. Willford v. Dale Gough

Paternity/Child Support
Chelsea Mary Chrismon v. Korrey Lee Harvey
Jeni R. Vann v. Joseph A. Meeker
Lorelei D. McGlin v. John B. Kirsey
Tabatha Lee Lennemann v. Buddy A. Passmore
Larissa D. Bearpaw v. Jimmy L. Dry
Charity Childers v. Douglas Reinecke
Ashley Marie Dismang v. Paul Allan Dittrick

Bond License
Kidwell, Barbara L.
Kidwell, William
O’Leary, Linda
Carter, Janatha Melissa – Out of county bondsman
Carter, Timothy William – Out of county bondsman
Jackson, Michael Cleve – Out of county bondsman
O’Leary, Larren Ray
Davenport, Michael Leon
Bohnenstiehl, Donna Marie

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